Be the house and start to earn

The first community owned Web3 gaming platform

Provably fair RNG

Low house edge

About the platform

Play or be the house

What truly makes Bitnity different from other online gaming providers is that you can increase your balance not just by playing, but also getting your share from the platform’s profits by staking $BTNTY tokens. Staking rewards are distributed on a monthly basis.

Decide about the future

Vote and participate in major decisions

Token holders will have the opportunity to decide about the platform’s future through voting.

Proposals published

Future ideas and plans are submitted by the team.

Voting starts

$BTNTY token holders have the opportunity to cast their votes regarding the proposals.


Based on the outcome of the voting the development/implementation of the proposal begins.

Looking to create games for Bitnity?

If you are a developer and we got your interest, reach out to us.


What is $BTNTY used for?

Our token has multiple functionalities for different utilities.


Profit sharing

Staking $BTNTY will generate revenue for holders in the form of profit share. 70% of the platform’s profit will be distributed to holders staking their tokens on a monthly basis.


VIP Level Boost

The higher your VIP level is, the more rewards you’ll get after every bet you place. We will offer real-time rewards that are claimable at any time. $BTNTY tokens will be used to increase your VIP levels.


Free bets every month

Rewarding players with free bets is very popular among gaming platforms. The amount of $BTNTY staked will determine the value of free bets the holder receives each month.

Still have questions?

Please check the frequently asked questions below. In case you cannot find the answer to your question, contact us.

Contract address (Binance Chain):

$BTNTY token is currently only on Binance Chain (BEP20).

The total supply stands at 1,000,000,000 tokens.

Since $BTNTY is on Binance Chain, all wallets are supported that can handle BEP20 tokens.

$BTNTY is currently tradeable on PancakeSwap.

There will be a 6% fee for buy and 10% for sell transactions on PancakeSwap. This fee will be used to finance marketing and development.